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Ahoy, it be time to toast me most beloved holiday

Woke up this morning with a skull-splitting pain in me noggin… unable to fully embrace the holiday fun. Felt like I were bein’ keel-hauled by the time me vessel was finished getting some repairs; damned scalliwags took o’er three hours rather than the usual one; may the lubbers rot fer havin’ the incompetence of a […]

Excitement builds for next Friday

My favorite holiday is only a little over one week away, so this link is to help you prepare for it in case you forgot: September 19th! I see from the 2008 local observances list that my former co-workers over at AOL are observing the day with big plans; prepare to be boarded!


Wired magazine has a pretty interesting article about the Passion of the Flying Spaghetti Monster online right now, it mentions the upcoming Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster book (expected in March) and has a short interview with Bobby Henderson wherein he mentions that proceeds from the book and Venganza website are funding the construction […]