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Ahoy, it be time to toast me most beloved holiday

Woke up this morning with a skull-splitting pain in me noggin… unable to fully embrace the holiday fun.
Felt like I were bein’ keel-hauled by the time me vessel was finished getting some repairs; damned scalliwags took o’er three hours rather than the usual one; may the lubbers rot fer havin’ the incompetence of a fresh press-gang.

Well, managed to offend the good pirate Winter Badger with a poorly considered letter, for which I be truly sorry… and then discovered by messenger that repairs to me favorite swimming hole will be delayed indefinitely. Not a very smart day.

Things be looking up considerably once I had a nice long walk to grab some grub, lavish a lingering gaze on a wench or two, and make way back to ship… Me new spectacle lenses are in, and the apothecary is installin’ them now. Soon, I be sailing the calming seas fer home port and a gathering of fellow bilge rats to share some grog and prepare for a boarding party the first full weekend in October.

In case ye be wonderin’ what all dis chatter amongst us privateers is about, please feel free to examine me letter of marque…

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