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Damn, the price of success is ugly….

For a very long time Mac OS X was very, very safe. Still no known viruses today, and very little malware, mostly exploiting Java, Flash, or SilverLight. That was due to two huge advantages: 1) a vastly more secure operating system than Microsoft Windows, and 2) a tiny user base not worth targeting with slimy […]

Computer Security and Global Security, Windows Virus?

There are some very interesting developments in the news regarding the Stuxnet virus. I confess that I mostly ignored this virus, like most computer viruses, when it came out as it appeared to impact only computers running the Windows operating system. It turns out I was wrong, it actually uses Windows to spread itself, but […]

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Windows XP and essential software

Gah, I find myself once again dipping a toe into the murky waters that make up the Windows(tm) experience. I consider myself extraordinarily fortunate that I have not had to touch any MicroSoft crap for many years now… but I inherited an old Compaq desktop and my boss suggested we put XP on it so […]


A few months ago I volunteered 2 hours of my time as a computer geek to a charity auction, and lovely L.G. won the auction. So Saturday morning found me helping her with her IBM Thinkpad A20m (P3 @700MHz, 256MB, 40GB, XGA, Win2000 Pro). I found myself impressed with the hardware, that this laptop made […]


I know I am engaging in post-mortem equine floggery, but Rob Pegoraro over at the Washington Post agrees with what techies have been telling the computer shopping public for several years now: choose a Mac over a PC as your home computer. The nice thing about Mr Pegoraro’s article, is that he’s a much better […]

Consumer Rights

More fallout from the Sony/Columbia/Epic/BMG XCP rootkit exlpoit is detailed on Wired (first time I’ve read Wired in a while). Yikes, the after-effects of such a stupid corporate blunder, compounded by so many people running their MS Windows systems effectively wide open (no security to speak of), are turning out to be huge. Hopefully there […]