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I know I am engaging in post-mortem equine floggery, but Rob Pegoraro over at the Washington Post agrees with what techies have been telling the computer shopping public for several years now: choose a Mac over a PC as your home computer. The nice thing about Mr Pegoraro’s article, is that he’s a much better writer than most of us techies, and he sums it all up very succinctly when he says it is no longer a case of “why should I buy a Mac over a Windows PC?” but that it is now a case of “why should I buy Windows at all since it is so insecure, so unstable, and after years of patches it remains insecure?” – Bravo.

Mr. Pegararo also gets points for mentioning the Sony decision to include what is essentially a trojan horse rootkit on some of their new audio/music CDs, a format previously thought safe from viruses and malware – and true ISO 9660 Audio CDs are, but Sony/BMG/Epic/Columbia music CDs are no longer standards compliant.

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