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Computer Security and Global Security, Windows Virus?

There are some very interesting developments in the news regarding the Stuxnet virus. I confess that I mostly ignored this virus, like most computer viruses, when it came out as it appeared to impact only computers running the Windows operating system. It turns out I was wrong, it actually uses Windows to spread itself, but targets industrial equipment, specifically the industrial equipment used in state-run nuclear centrifuges.

It is now looking more and more like this specific computer virus was a kind of software warfare deliberately designed to sabotage a nuclear program in Iran. This has big ramifications for computer security and global security and needs to be read and understood by everyone with a computer, not just computer security geeks.

Israeli Test on Worm Called Crucial in Iran Nuclear Delay (NT Times)

Update: VanityFair has a new, easier to read story about the Stuxnet virus and cuber-warfare:
A Declaration of Cyber-War

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