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New Honda Insight looks like a Prius, costs less

In about two weeks dealers will begin getting model year 2010 Honda Insight hybrid cars. This will be a completely renovated Honda Insight that looks a lot more like a Prius than the old Insight; and it will cost less than $20,000 brand new! LA Times Article, with pictures I originally wanted an Insight, but […]

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An imperfect man, an imperfect president, but the right path

The reason to vote for Obama, he says: “I will open the doors to government and ask you to be involved in your own democracy again.” If you have not seen his ~28 minute spot yet, you should. Even if you don’t plan to vote for Obama, the spot points out the things our government […]

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Feder vs Wolf Debate

This is why I am voting for Judy Feder to be the next congressional representative from Virginia’s 10th district. Congressman Frank Wolf demonstrates how out of touch with reality he is. It is also particularly annoying to me, as a veteran, that Wolf does not support our veterans nor our troops like he should. His […]

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New Yorker Endorses Obama

The New Yorker has endorsed, and it is worth the read. New Yorker Endorses Obama They explain, in good detail why this election is so important, and why Obama is the man for the job.

Congressional Elections: Virginia

It is very important that we replace the current congress with some fresh ideas, new attitudes, and a willingness to work with President Obama in the new government in order to get the change we need for our country and our world. That means targeting elected congress-critters who have been voting with the Bush administration, […]

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Obama, a closer examination; part 2

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post examining why Barack Obama is the obvious choice for president based on who his likely Supreme Court Justice nominations will be. It is time we looked at another very important issue that the person filling the office of president will face; foreign policy. A great deal […]

For the records, a few facts

1) The width of the Bering Strait at it’s narrowest point is around 53 miles. Of course the distance between the Diomede islands at 2.4 miles is much less, but they are very sparsely populated (146 people on the U.S. held Little Diomede according to the 2000 Census), and their populations have traditionally worked together […]

John McCain is unfit for high office

Senator John McCain is telling lies for personal gain. That shows a lack of integrity. Integrity is the most crucial moral characteristic that every holder of high office must have. Clearly demonstrating a lack of integrity means that not only should McCain be disqualified from running for President, he should also be forced to resign […]

About McCain’s Choice for Running Mate…

I am completely stunned… insulted, surprised, and in disbelief…. Am I the only person who thinks it is completely unacceptable for any strict Creationist to be seriously considered for the office of President of the United States? Blueweeds has a more thoughtful summary, it is well worth a read: This is more evidence of […]

Give a little to Leslie Byrne and volunteer for her campaign

I have already contributed a small amount to “Byrne for Congress” to help her win the Democratic Nomination and the 11th congressional district of Virginia. The 11th will almost certainly go to the Democratic winner of the primary on June 10th. Incumbent Republican Tom Davis is retiring, so there is no incumbent advantage. The district […]