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Still happy with my 2006 Prius

My trusty 2006 Prius is still going strong. On a back from North Carolina’s Outer Banks I managed to average 54.2MPG over 336 miles (admittedly mostly highway miles and it was nice enough to need neither AC nor heat). Changing the HID Zenon D4R bulbs was much easier than I expected as well. $28 for […]

3rd generation Ford Focus owner/driver tips

Ford Focus, DCT transmission anomalies explained, and some useful information for 3rd generation Ford Focus owners/drivers. We’ve been reading loads of useful information and tips at: In particular – this posting makes a a LOT of sense: Ford Powershift DCT Transmission info use guide new owners look here

An Ounce of Preparedness is Valuable

An old habit I have from being stationed in Northern Japan and finishing school in Upstate New York is that from October through March my car has permanently living in it: a short handled snow shovel a wind-up or shake-charged flashlight/radio a heavy blanket a beach towel a bag of mulch, or top-soil, or sand […]

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Renting Hybrid Cars

This is an interesting article about how to avoid the high surcharges car rental companies charge if you want to rent a hybrid car: How to Get Cheaper Hybrid Rentals (Bucks column at NY Times) It’s sad that market economics are preventing the right thing from happening in the rental market right now.

Ran out of Gas

On the way to work via the gas station Monday morning, I ran out of gas. I knew I was low, but did not think I was that low. The gas engine/generator in my 2006 Prius stopped about 1.4 miles from the planned gas station… I was still rolling, in traffic… I cut the air-conditioner, […]

Frustrated by Car Stereo, Again

I’ve been working on a project to replace the Becker CDR-210 CD Receiver head unit in my wife’s Porsche for a while, and the project keeps running into delays. The Pioneer DEH-P6200BT that we carefully selected was on backorder with Crutchfield for several weeks. When it finally came in, I discovered that the old Becker […]

Strange Garmin GPS Error

We’ve had and heavily used a Garmin StreetPilot 2620 for years and years, and it has usually worked very well. It is frustrating that this old model only syncs to Windows computers for Map Updates and Waypoint/Route planning. Sometimes the touch screen calibration gets so far off that it seems unresponsive. It has certainly been […]

Now this is a fun and thorough review

I am not even a car buff, and I love the show Top Gear… it’s entertainment the way Car Talk is for radio… you don’t even have to like cars. In case embedded does not show up for you:

New Honda Insight looks like a Prius, costs less

In about two weeks dealers will begin getting model year 2010 Honda Insight hybrid cars. This will be a completely renovated Honda Insight that looks a lot more like a Prius than the old Insight; and it will cost less than $20,000 brand new! LA Times Article, with pictures I originally wanted an Insight, but […]

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Ouch, first expensive repair on my Prius

So that dragging feeling I recently noticed, and the lower gas mileage, and funny metal clanking noise were not random; turns out I busted a front axle, boot, and UV joint. Dealer is estimating over $840 just for that repair, and my 45,000 mile maintenance is due as well (another $300-$400). Ouch! Guess there is […]

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