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Weekend Fun

Had a great, if exhausting, weekend with La Belle Compagnie in Charlottesville. Went to Shebeen Pub both Saturday and Sunday for wonderful South African food and pub food. Interesting mix of cuisines. The American History Weekend event was fun, lots of very interested visitors, and weather that got a bit too warm if you weren’t […]

Lions and Tigers and Robotic Cars, oh my!

Uh, wow; a robotic car, in traffic… navigating by GPS and class 1 low powered infrared lasers… CNet News Article of the Anthony Levandowski Prius Driving, it’s what the hired help does.

Funny License Plates

For your amusement: Someone has a sense of humor, and it was extra fun on this rainy day.

Next Year’s Prius gets solar panels

Toyota to add Solar Panels, how cool is that. I notice my mileage slips a little whenever the heater or air conditioning has to be run, so this will offset at least the air conditioner loss and keep the mileage high. In other news, my Prius broke a new personal record this morning, it reached […]

55.5mpg Woo Hoo!

Just rubbing it in a little, for the past 137 miles (since I last filled up) I have averaged 55.5 miles per gallon in the 2006 Prius. It helps enormously that the weather has been calm enough to run with no heater and no air conditioning.

Free Stuff

I’ve been cleaning the basement computer lab, and have some stuff to give away. I’ll use free cycle if none of you claim items on the list below… Three Practical Peripherals 288 V.34 Minitower II Data/Fax MODEM with power supplies. One Supra 14,400bis SupraFAX MODEM with power supply. One Practical Peripherals PM1200SA Mini MODEM with […]

Brief Excursion to Schuyler and Charlottesville

Since so many great people were canned in AOL’s irrational corporate action on Tuesday, we’ve been in a bit of shock at work, and remaining management is scrambling to figure out how to do the job with far less man-power (unlike previous layoffs, this one was random and hit many of the prime workers). I […]

Rain and Floods

Sutragirl has written about last night’s trip back from Spamalot in DC already, so that’s where you should go if you want to hear more about the flooding on Constitution Avenue. People made it home safely, though Ruth and her girls had a long, segmented trip after their van got stuck in the flood. We […]

First Prius Complaint/Suggestion

I’ve been driving the new Prius a lot and in general I love the thing, but I have a first complaint and suggestion. This thing needs a relatively quiet, alternate horn in addition to the normal load one it has for emergencies. Several times now I have nearly run over pedestrians when driving around parking […]

New Prius

Well, fate popped in and the Toyota dealer I pass every morning on the way to work called me back after this morning’s visit. They had a 2006 Prius, White with Tan interior, option package #6 available today! I considered it a sign, and grapped that machine. I drove the Prius off the lot after […]