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Weekend Fun

Had a great, if exhausting, weekend with La Belle Compagnie in Charlottesville. Went to Shebeen Pub both Saturday and Sunday for wonderful South African food and pub food. Interesting mix of cuisines. The American History Weekend event was fun, lots of very interested visitors, and weather that got a bit too warm if you weren’t in the shade.

The drive along U.S. highway 29 is beautiful in light fog. Sadly, along the route somewhere a bearing in my driver’s side wheel hub gave out and it’s not under warranty…. $510.82 and several hours wasted at the dealer was how I got to start my Monday. Grrrr!

Reminder: in many, many states today is the last day to register to vote to be eligible to vote on November 4th. If you live in Virginia, Pennsylvania, the District of Columbia, or many other states; go get registered now.

Photos courtesy of Ed Thyberg:

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