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Strange Garmin GPS Error

We’ve had and heavily used a Garmin StreetPilot 2620 for years and years, and it has usually worked very well. It is frustrating that this old model only syncs to Windows computers for Map Updates and Waypoint/Route planning. Sometimes the touch screen calibration gets so far off that it seems unresponsive. It has certainly been well worth the big bucks we spent on it years ago.

This weekend it went through a very frustrating fit of telling us it could not re-calculate a route we needed because “Route Calculation Error: Not enough memory available.” would pop up on the screen after calculating for minutes (by modern standards it is pretty old). Short routes could still be calculated on the fly, but long routes (we were on a long trip) were simply not working. I poked and prodded it for quite some time, resetting the device a dozen times. Finally I figured out an erroneous setting that used up all the memory in the little device… It was set to record our tracks. I am not sure what that is, but as soon as I turned off that feature, and purged the recorded tracks, route calculation – even for long trips – went back to normal.

I am only publishing this in case anyone else out there sees the same error – check to make sure you are not “recording tracks” and if you are, stop doing that and you may find you have plenty of memory again.

Hope this helps.

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