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Complete failure of the mainstream media

So Iran’s election appears to be rigged. It looks like Mousavi won by a very large margin, and that Ahmadinejad came in a very distant third place (eg: only 5.69 million votes to over 19 million for Mousavi and well over 13 million for Karoubi); and that despite the obviously clear to the public victory for Mousavi, the military theocracy declared Ahmadinejad the winner without even bothering to count most of the votes. Furthermore, they audaciously proclaimed the alleged Ahmadinejad victory to be a mandate of nearly 2/3 of all votes; something that was so clearly wrong that Tehran and many other cities in Iran are in open rebellion now.

The mainstream media fail is that over 36 hours later, only the BBC has any real coverage of the revolution happening in Iran. You have to get this information from bloggers and twitterers if you want it. Guess the revolution is not being televised after all.

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