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We must find a way to better scrutinize US Congress candidates

Last night’s election returns showed us a few things, and one of the most concerning to me is that crazy fringe candidates with no business in public office with grave responsibilities were able to slip through the public screening of a U.S. Congress district election in several districts last night; but largely they were unable to get through the state-wide and better national screening required of U.S. Senate candidates (with a few exceptions).

It’s downright embarrassing to have these loons in the U.S. Congress (either chamber), so we must find a way to turn up the scrutiny on house races to expose to the voting public the real backgrounds (or lack thereof) of the candidates. Surely modern technology and many eyes can do it. When will the golden age of blogging assume it’s rightful mantle and help direct more media scrutiny?

I really think voters in several districts will regret their errors over the next two years (yes VA-05, I am looking at you… you’re in for a world of hurt).

Of course some districts are just looney, time and time again, perhaps the result of gerrymandering (how else can you explain Bachmann and Cantor?); we can only fix those by fixing the election process. We can fix a lot of the craziness by simply better scrutinizing the candidates and exposing them to more and more media so America’s mostly apathetic voters get a better idea of who they are sending to represent them.

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