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Fake Steve nails it, again

I am not a fan of Mike Arrington; his babble in TechCrunch is often wrong; but he is doing investigative journalism here and digging to find out more details about why playing games on Facebook and MySpace can be hazardous. That the NY Times failed to even mention that there are serious concerns in their followup article is embarrassing at the least, and possibly shows that they are pwned by the advertisers and not representing the best interests of the public on this subject.

If you are on MySpace and Facebook; you’d best be VERY careful about the applications you use.

If you are wondering why mainstream media is dying, Fake Steve poses a credible argument: because they’ve abdicated their responsibilities as the 4th estate.

Check out Fake Steve Jobs’ Article for yourself; it is a fun read. Blogs are often a better source of news than newspapers.

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