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Testing WordPress for iPhone

This is just a test, only a test of the iPhone WordPress application.

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Removed the is_human() module

Though it was a good attempt, the is_human() WordPress module was a failure for me, so I pulled it off my website. It was blocking way too many legitimate comments and did absolutely nothing to address the hundreds of trackback and linkback spams showing up daily. I am sad, as I had hoped it would […]


The is_human() filter

Just a reminder folks, if you are going to comment here, you must answer the multiple choice question displayed as a required field in the comment page. I am seeing some comments get rejected that look legitimate, because the question was left unanswered.

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Wow, the is_human() module works great

I have is_human() coupled with Akismet and together they knock out all the comment spam I was getting. The other interesting little factoid, is that nearly all the spam I was getting was coming from only three IP addresses… hurray for blacklisting. I’ll share the nefarious addresses so you can firewall them out if you […]

Implemented is_human() Word press Plugin

Akismet alone was not stopping enough comment spam, so I have implemented is_human() which asks a random multiple choice question, answers are in a drop down and it should be easy for humans to comment, but difficult for machines. Sadly, the marker for a required field did not get enabled initially (now fixed) and a […]

Fantastic writing of Stephen Retherford

If you are not reading Stephen Retherford (aka Sisyphus, Hoosier in Virginia) regularly, you should be. He has posted the most thoughtful, well researched, and interesting stuff I am reading on the web for quite some time, very consistently and with remarkable insight. He’s changed my mind a few times, and would have more except […]

WordPress 2.5

Used Dreamhost’s easy to use one click install to upgrade to WordPress 2.5, and it looks much easier to edit on the fly with embedded HTML code. The dashboard is very different, may take getting used to; but it puts the most important stuff on top (useful on a short, wide display like a laptop). […]

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Eating Locally Produced Food

Waldo has been encouraging us to eat locally for some time, for both health and reduced carbon footprint, and liberalrage has shared an incredibly useful link for making that easier, no matter where you live. We’ve found that many local foods taste better, because rather than being selected for ease of transportation, they can […]

Damned Spammers!!!

Vermin spammers! Over the weekend they figured out how to get by the older versions of WordPress with older versions of Akismet spam filter module/plug-in, so I came home from dance competition to discover hundreds of spams in my WordPress blog’s moderation queue and thousands that had been blocked. Making things worse a few guest […]

Added Gravatar plugin

The php was a smidge tricky in my comments.php file, but I finally got gravatars working in my WordPress blog. Woo hoo! So comment already so I can see your gravatars!