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Damned Spammers!!!

Vermin spammers! Over the weekend they figured out how to get by the older versions of WordPress with older versions of Akismet spam filter module/plug-in, so I came home from dance competition to discover hundreds of spams in my WordPress blog’s moderation queue and thousands that had been blocked.

Making things worse a few guest blogs I help friends run had the same problem. So I upgraded to WordPress 2.1.2 (thanks to DreamHost for making that a “one click” per blog install) and huge thanks to the WordPress team for including the upgrade to Akismet plug-in 2.0 in that install. I am hoping that shuts down the vermin.

Makes one glad that LJ handles all this stuff for you… My LJ blog was completely un-impacted by the burst in spam activity over the weekend. Yay LiveJournal!

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