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Breaking into my own office

Second day into the third week in the new office at work (Sterling/Dulles CC4 6B:J06) and there is a new form of irony that I find amusing enough to share. There were not enough open cubes to go around to all the people who wanted them, so a few of us have to share double offices with another person. The “offices” are made of the same stuff as the modular cubes, but the walls go all the way to the drop-tile ceiling: metal and plastic frames with metal, glass, and fabric snap-in panels to make “walls” or “windows” that happen to be chest high for cubes and floor to ceiling for offices.

People snap out the glass, stuck decorations between the glass panels and snap them back into place for in-wall aquarium effect, or for trophies and/or toy dinosaurs. Others take a glass panel and put it back to back with an opaque panel to discourage light getting through, or trade with people who like more glass and light.

The second day Cliff and I were in our office, Bruce G snapped out one of our wall panels from the outside and punched through the matching inside panel as a joke attack on us. We all had a laugh after the initial surprise, and then cliff and I left that panel out to enjoy the better view out the 6th floor window. For three weeks we’ve had a perforated office. view out the window

We were never issued keys to the office door, which does lock. The fact that it locks we find silly because it is so easy to snap the panels next to the door knob, reach in, and open the door from the inside. We decided we’d never lock the door and we just would not store valuables in the office.

Sunday night the security guards decided to start locking the door. Yesterday I was tired so I borrowed the master key from our department AA to get in to start work. Today I just climbed through Bruce’s decoration of our office (the perforation). I don’t really want to start carrying another key, I’d much rather have a cube.

Between 6 flights of stairs and a climb through the belly high “window” in our office I am getting a regular work-out now. Perhaps I will appear less “prosperous” in the future.

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