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Outer Banks

Apologies to those of you whom I scoffed at when you told me you could surf North Carolina’s outer banks. I was wrong, you most certainly can! I recently visited Kill Devil Hills, NC with some buddies from high school and enjoyed some damned good food and good beaches and wind and waves. I watched […]

Pretty Sky Last Night

Sunset Sky Gallery

Autumn Leaves 2008

A friend who has to be in California asked for photos of the foliage this season, so I have been snapping a few shots with the silly camera in my new iPhone. Gallery Most were shot on or around my house over the past week. Sample from the gallery:


Gorgeous Sunrise over Bull Run Park

On my way to get Erci‘s car serviced, I captured this image with my iPhone. We are very fortunate to be surrounded by so much beauty. I was very fortunate to be out all weekend with La Belle Compagnie at Colonial Plantation in beautiful Ridley Creek State Park between Philadelphia and West Chester. The sycamore […]

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Blind Spots and the Perception of Reality

Wow, a co-worker forwarded this link about the Blind Spot each of our eyes has and it got me to thinking a little. If Chris Davis (the author of that link) is correct, and this means that our brains are not seeing what is reality, but only our own perception of reality, partially fabricated to […]

Pause to wonder at the power of nature

We’ve been getting heavy rain for several hours now, generated from a storm that is still over 300 miles away. That’s pretty impressive when you stop to think about it. Look at the map below, and rain is already hitting people all along Long Island Sound; I am just impressed. Update: Bailey, our Maine […]

Sakura ga suki desu

While I was laid up with the nasty coughing flu, the seasons delivered great beauty to our back yard. Only the last five photos are from this past weekend, others are from earlier this season.

Eating Locally Produced Food

Waldo has been encouraging us to eat locally for some time, for both health and reduced carbon footprint, and liberalrage has shared an incredibly useful link for making that easier, no matter where you live. We’ve found that many local foods taste better, because rather than being selected for ease of transportation, they can […]

Monarch Butterfly Migration

The Monarch Butterfly Migration this year is supposed to be one of the most dramatic in living memory. I am not sure what factors go into making more Monarchs, but it is lovely to behold. I can’t get out to Cape May, NJ this weekend, but if you can you should try to. The sight […]

Falconry and Hawking

I just found out that my cousin Kyle has trapped a Red Tailed Hawk he is calling Red October and he hopes to hunt with her this Autumn. I am somewhat envious of Kyle, in a good way. I have been fascinated by falcons, owls, and hawks as far back as I can remember. That […]