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FlashPlayer allows remote viewing/listening based on server settings

Every month since I disabled Adobe FlashPlayer on my laptops and desktops I have had that decision re-enforced by yet more news about security vulnerabilities, battery drain issues, and system crashes all derived from running FlashPlayer. I am so glad I disabled the junk software and recommend everyone else do that too. Here is reason […]

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Very happy I disabled Adobe/Macromedia Flash on my Macs

A few weeks ago I decided to disable Adobe/Macromedia Flash on all my Macintosh computers. I am here to tell you I do NOT regret it at all, and now recommend it highly. Flash was an extremely useful extension for many years; it made it possible to view videos on the web without specialized software […]

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Cross Site Scripting (XSS) Security Flaws

There is a pretty good write up of the dangers in allowing your browser to accept Cross Site Scripting (XSS) or allowing your web server to carry XSS here: Guardian Article on Javascript based XSS Twitter Hack The article mainly focuses on the recent Twitter exploit, and the dangers of server-side XSS exploits, but we […]

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