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New Palm or iPhone as a PDA?

So, according to the “Palm Pins Its Hopes on Nova” article in BusinessWeek, Palm is about to release a new PDA operating system. I am interested because I still use my very old Palm Tungsten C device regularly, despite having an iPhone 3G now.

The iPhone 3G is a fantastic mobile phone (perhaps the best I have ever used), and it is spectacular at a couple of traditional PDA applications (Contacts, Safari, Email), but it’s Calendar is not quite as good as the old Palm Calendar yet (though it comes very, very close), and as for Notes – well, that is the main reason I continue to carry my Tungsten C. The iPhone 3G simply sucks as a notepad. No cut and paste feature, no global search feature, and though typing on the touch screen is acceptable for a quick text message or short note, it is painfully frustrating for any serious note taking. The iPhone really should simply allow Bluetooth keyboards to connect to it; they could even start with Apple’s own Bluetooth keyboards for Macs and expand to 3rd party ones later… sigh.

So – as all portable devices have a limited life span due to wear and tear and natural use, I am very interested in what Palm is doing next and hope that Nova is good enough, though I am not holding my breath.

I also hope Apple, or a 3rd party, develops a secure method for cutting and pasting from one application to another on the iPhone, and that global search for text strings gets deployed soon.

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