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Apple’s iPod/AppleTV/iTunes announcement

I think that the new iPods look great, but that the best news out of Apple today was the price reduction on the classic AppleTV devices… only $149 while supplies last… Classic AppleTV (160GB) The new AppleTV also looks pretty cool, and at $99 it will likely be a market success, but it does not […]

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Lots of technology news today

As expected, Apple had their iPhone SDK event today where they announced version 3.0 for iPhone and iPod touches is coming this Summer (developers can get the beta SDK today). It will cost $9.95 for iPod touch owners, and it’s free for iPhone owners (probably subsidized by the subscription revenue from your phone plan). It […]

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Apple has an event next Tuesday (17th)

Looks like it is some sort of announcement/preview of a new iPhone SDK or perhaps a new iPhone OS upgrade/update. I gotta say, if they are considering releasing a new major revision (iPhone OS 3.0) without global search, cut and paste, the ability to synchronize notes between iPhone and Mac desktop; they need to delay. […]

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Wow, new Mac Mini is much better

The new Apple Mac Mini is much better than previous models. It’s improvements are subtle, and anyone making a quick glance might miss the changes, but here is a summary: The switch from embedded Intel graphics to NVIDIA GeForce 9400M is a huge energy savings; the new Mini uses only half the power of the […]

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