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Apple has an event next Tuesday (17th)

Looks like it is some sort of announcement/preview of a new iPhone SDK or perhaps a new iPhone OS upgrade/update.

I gotta say, if they are considering releasing a new major revision (iPhone OS 3.0) without global search, cut and paste, the ability to synchronize notes between iPhone and Mac desktop; they need to delay.

Network tethering (allowing a connected laptop to use the AT&T dataplan for mobile networking) is important too, but that can be a separate application pretty easily.

My very, very old Palm devices all have global search, cut & paste, and the ability to synchronize text notes between desktop and PDA. Nearly every smart phone can do these things… it is shameful that this otherwise amazing ultra-portable computing platform we call the iPhone cannot do these basic things.

Yes, I have installed PhoneView (commercial application) to sync my notes between Mac and iPhone (and it works pretty well). Yes there is a hack that lets cut & paste work in a few applications; but these are essential to any PDA and should be part of the platform and universally implemented. The absence of global search is downright crippling; it means I can only afford to put so few notes on my phone that I know exactly where to find them. It also means that I continue to carry my Palm Tungsten C.

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