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Finally, Notes sync between iPhone and Computer

So I am fiddling around with a bit of commercial software in demo form and it looks like it will do exactly what I need the iPhone to do to mostly replace my Palm Tungsten C (finally).

As a phone the iPhone is simply awesome. Best sound quality of any mobile phone I have ever used.

As a camera, the iPhone is surprisingly good as a cheap point and shoot with tiny lens (it certainly will not replace a real camera, but it’s decent in a pinch).

As an MP3 player it lacks sufficient storage to do more than my routine podcasts and some music.

As a PDA or ultra-portable computer is where the iPhone has been shockingly lacking.

  • Calendar/Datebook: the iPhone comes with excellent Calendar/Datebook/iCal software that syncs with either MobileMe or iCal on your Mac (which can in turn be synced with Google Calendars).
  • AddressBook/Contacts: the iPhone comes with excellent Contacts that can be synced with AddressBook on your Mac or MobileMe.
  • Notes: here, the iPhone falls down; big time… first of all, out of the box the notes do not sync with the computer desktop (ouch). That was a show-stopper for me. Second, the absence of cut&paste buffer is very limiting. I am very happy to say that finally, through the use of ECamm’s PhoneView software, it looks like Notes can be synced with computer just fine (though rebooting the phone to sync is annoying). I am reviewing the demo, if it stands up – this solves the notes problem for me.
  • Reading documents, grabbed websites, books: looks like the iPhone has this stuff a plenty.

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