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Hacking AppleTV for easier text entry

I just updated all my 2nd generation AppleTV’s and to save the current firmware blobs and then re-applied the Seas0nPass jail-break for v5.3 to install XBMC again. Each time I do this (roughly each time Apple offers new AppleTV software) I have to re-enter my AppleID and password through the painfully cumbersome TV remote and on-screen keyboard. Once I have iTunes Home sharing enabled (which requires that first AppleID login) I can used the Remote app on my iPad or iPhone to do text entry much faster, so Yahoo, Netflix, HBOGO, and Hulu passwords are much easier to type in, but that first one is a real pain.

Has anyone figured out how to set the iTunes/AppleID account from the command line on a freshly jail-broken AppleTV? I’d love to set that first account, heck all of them, from the command line or even file transfers… If I could back the key files up before the whole iTunes update/restore, then Seas0nPass jail-break process and simply restore after… that would save the painful on screen keyboard text entry portion.

The specific goal: configure Settings/iTunes Store account and password via ssh command line prompt on an AppleTV, or backup them up and restore them via scp commands.

Bonus: configure Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and HBOGO accounts via ssh or scp…

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