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A New Public Aquarium in Valencia, Spain

Erci and I love aquariums. We have several of aquariums in our home, we visit aquarium stores wherever we travel, and we make semi-regular trips just to visit big public aquariums to learn more about marine life and enjoy the beauty of coral reefs.

We just learned about a new (well, relatively new) big public aquarium in Valencia, Spain.
L´Oceanogràfic is allegedly the largest public aquarium in Europe today (that position probably will not remain for long, they build bigger ones all the time). The architecture and detail of planning the marine eco-systems for all the animals at L´Oceanogràfic appear to be models for the latest in marine biology and education and science. This aquarium is now on our list of must go see places. Any one up for a trip to Spain?

We are going with a group of Erci‘s Dad’s friends in April and May of 2007. Not sure if we can fit this aquarium into the trip or not, but we will try.

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