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Another Gorgeous Day for Bicycle Canvassing

Subject says it! Today was gorgeous. Cool, clear air, lots of sunshine, clean smell to the air. Perfect day to meet neighbors and do a little more bicycle canvassing for the Commonwealth Coalition’s Vote NO campaign on my recumbent. I went out early this afternoon and came in only when it got a bit dusk and dangerous to be on an unlit bike.

Highlights today: lots of really nice neighbors, most of them see right through the bigotry of this proposed amendment. Did a little catching up with Joe and Anna who I have not seen in a while, and plan to visit their church with them to learn more about their faith. Met another recumbent cyclist who also trains guide dogs for blind and otherwise disabled people; he’s also a volunteer poll worker and recently gotten involved in voting process.

One man was very filled with hatred and loathing for homosexuals and told me I was going to hell for even taking the issue of people’s rights to the voters! He was basically alone though. Today I only met three households in favor of the amendment, and nearly 40 against it. Most people are unwilling to commit either way but promise to read up on it and vote their minds.

Everyone (except the very angry guy) was very glad for my non-partisan sample ballot with the full text of all three amendments and all three Prince William County bond issues. Hopefully the one guy will calm down and learn compassion for others, until then he goes on the do not bother him list.

aenloo, I am sorry I did not remember to call until I was already well through today’s list. I’ll call ahead next time.

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