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Review Tornado Response Drills

It is Spring, and therefore a really good time to review your tornado response drills with your family. This weekend’s weather forecast for most of the Mississippi and Ohio river watershed areas (huge part of the United States) calls for severe storms with a counter-rotating wind pattern that looks a lot like the historic one […]

Before you move that snow…

Take a peek at the weather service forecast for your location over the next several days. If like us, your area is predicted to get daily high temperatures only a few degrees warmer than freezing, you should know that the snow you need to move this morning is going to be sitting wherever you put […]

High Fructose Corn Syrup

I am more and more glad I started avoiding high fructose corn syrup because it tastes icky years ago… Child diabetes blamed on food sweetener (London Times) This has disturbing ramifications for most American children, really disturbing. Hat tip to Waldo Jaquith for the link.

Vacation in Portland, Oregon

Erci and I continued to have a lot of fun on our recent vacation to Seattle, Portland, and Cupertino. Portland details after the jump…

Vote Today

If you are able to vote, and you do not; you have no right to complain about the government you get stuck with. Virginia polling stations are open 6am to 7pm today. Don’t chance it, get to the station plenty early.

All Electric Zero-Turn Riding Mower!?

Hustler Turf have come out with an all-electric zero-turn riding mower! At approximately $6500 it is a bit out of my price range, but it’s still amazing and gives me hope for things to come in the future. Hustler has a sterling reputation for making some of the finest lawn mowers in the world, and […]

New Honda Insight looks like a Prius, costs less

In about two weeks dealers will begin getting model year 2010 Honda Insight hybrid cars. This will be a completely renovated Honda Insight that looks a lot more like a Prius than the old Insight; and it will cost less than $20,000 brand new! LA Times Article, with pictures I originally wanted an Insight, but […]

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An imperfect man, an imperfect president, but the right path

The reason to vote for Obama, he says: “I will open the doors to government and ask you to be involved in your own democracy again.” If you have not seen his ~28 minute spot yet, you should. Even if you don’t plan to vote for Obama, the spot points out the things our government […]

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Feder vs Wolf Debate

This is why I am voting for Judy Feder to be the next congressional representative from Virginia’s 10th district. Congressman Frank Wolf demonstrates how out of touch with reality he is. It is also particularly annoying to me, as a veteran, that Wolf does not support our veterans nor our troops like he should. His […]

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New Yorker Endorses Obama

The New Yorker has endorsed, and it is worth the read. New Yorker Endorses Obama They explain, in good detail why this election is so important, and why Obama is the man for the job.