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Congressional Elections: Virginia

It is very important that we replace the current congress with some fresh ideas, new attitudes, and a willingness to work with President Obama in the new government in order to get the change we need for our country and our world. That means targeting elected congress-critters who have been voting with the Bush administration, […]

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John McCain is unfit for high office

Senator John McCain is telling lies for personal gain. That shows a lack of integrity. Integrity is the most crucial moral characteristic that every holder of high office must have. Clearly demonstrating a lack of integrity means that not only should McCain be disqualified from running for President, he should also be forced to resign […]

Next Year’s Prius gets solar panels

Toyota to add Solar Panels, how cool is that. I notice my mileage slips a little whenever the heater or air conditioning has to be run, so this will offset at least the air conditioner loss and keep the mileage high. In other news, my Prius broke a new personal record this morning, it reached […]

Gah! AppleTV annoyance

Turns out the AppleTV burns 21 watts when in screen-saver mode and 22 watts when in use, only 18 watts when sitting at a menu. It’s not huge, but it’s annoyingly high for something that has no on/off nor sleep mode switches. Grrr. Apple needs to fix this. Update: As Brian kindly pointed out and […]

Eating Locally Produced Food

Waldo has been encouraging us to eat locally for some time, for both health and reduced carbon footprint, and liberalrage has shared an incredibly useful link for making that easier, no matter where you live. We’ve found that many local foods taste better, because rather than being selected for ease of transportation, they can […]

Monarch Butterfly Migration

The Monarch Butterfly Migration this year is supposed to be one of the most dramatic in living memory. I am not sure what factors go into making more Monarchs, but it is lovely to behold. I can’t get out to Cape May, NJ this weekend, but if you can you should try to. The sight […]

Fundraiser Event, Postponed!

Update: Mr. Webb has a personal scheduling conflict that I don’t want to talk about here. I am still very happily supporting him in his campaign, but we are not having the fundraiser on Sunday. Please consider trying to meet him at another event on his schedule (posted on his campaign website ( Contributions are […]

New Prius

Well, fate popped in and the Toyota dealer I pass every morning on the way to work called me back after this morning’s visit. They had a 2006 Prius, White with Tan interior, option package #6 available today! I considered it a sign, and grapped that machine. I drove the Prius off the lot after […]

Harris Miller for Senate

Last night my lovely wife and I visited the Sunday Supper Club to hear Harris Miller (who is seeking the Democratic nomination to run against George Allen this fall for U.S. Senate). As many of you know Harris Miller will have to face off against James Webb (former Secretary of the Navy during the Reagan […]

President Bush’s Unique Opportunity to Make History

As much as I despise his horrible track record of poor leadership and dishonesty, I think we should try to connect with President Bush. He has a rare window of opportunity: 1) Essentially three years left to his term, and he knows he can’t be re-elected. 2) The public already disapproves of his administration. 3) […]