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We need nuclear, wind, and solar energy

We desperately need to switch our energy sources from coal and oil to a mix of wind, solar, and nuclear energy. Air pollution is killing us twice (particulates and climate change); and coal is so horribly filthy in so many ways that it simply must be stopped.

This is like the Hindenburg crash – dramatic, but not all that deadly, as nearly 2/3rds of those onboard survived the crash. Name an airplane crash with anywhere near that survival rate. Additionally it was the first crash in something like 2000 flights over 30 years, but because it was caught on video tape it was dramatic and horrifying and stopped vastly more efficient air travel in it’s tracks.

People complain about bird strikes with wind energy, and they are correct; but more birds will die from climate change than we can strike with windmill blades if we continue to burn coal and oil for energy. We need to apply some common sense and take the path of least harm.

Disposal of nuclear waste is a problem, but the whole planet is going to waste if we don’t stop burning coal and oil. Nuclear waste is a must smaller problem in comparison.

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