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Gah, more illegal robocalls

The Spanish language robo-callers found my cell phone number again (and I changed numbers to avoid these bastards). The message sounds the same… beginning with “Attention!” – and then kicking into whatever pitch with no identification, no chance to tell them to go to hell, complete disregard to my number being on the Do-Not-Call list and complete disregard for it burning my minutes.

I complained with the FCC again via, for whatever good that will do… sigh.

For me this started on my cell phones in November 2008.

Here is a list of numbers the robo-callers have used (though I suspect every time the phone companies and FCC find then they simply hi-jack a new number):

  • 662-997-9876
  • 218-833-9889
  • 509-362-9996
  • 712-200-8989
  • 775-562-0196
  • 248-758-9138
  • 313-924-7021

Google any of them and you will see hundreds of complaints about each of them, all the same. Some people have gone to great trouble to try to find the spammers.

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