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Virginia Primary Election, June 9th

Just a reminder for registered voters in Virginia, there is a very important primary coming up on June 9th, and you should go vote.

Every registered voter in the state can have a say in who will get the Democratic Party nomination for Governor, Lt Governor, and in many districts – delegate for that district. The Republicans have decided not to have any primary races this year (except for House of Delegates races in districts 17, 23, and 55), so I am sure there will be lots of Republicans voting in the Democratic Primary to either have their say.

There is a three way race for the Democratic Nomination for Governor; a two way race for Lt Governor; and a few house districts have primary battles too.

I am hoping you will all vote for Creigh Deeds and Michael Signer; but frankly any vote is welcome. Historically the primary following a US Presidential election gets the lowest turnout of all Virginia elections, so your vote counts far more than usual.

This primary, and the general election in November are very important as the winners of these elections will preside over the next redistricting effort post the 2010 US Census. Do not be apathetic!

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