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Creigh Deeds is my choice for Virginia in 2009

Virginia has state office elections in odd years, which allows voters to focus on those elections and not get distracted by national elections, but it also means turnout is always really low because voters are tired from the previous year’s national election and unwilling to invest the time and effort.

Virginia’s state-wide elections this year are very important for they will determine who is in office when the redistricting happens after next years decade end census; and districting has a huge impact on who ends up in office both nationally and for state offices for the next decade.

I decided months ago that while Bob McDonnell (R) is horribly unacceptable for any office, let alone Governor of Virginia (he is a theocrat trying to pretend he’s a moderate), I cannot, even against McDonnell, support Terry McAuliffe (D) in his bid for the office of Governor even if he wins the Democratic Primary. Terry McAuliffe does not appear to have any integrity at all and I trust him only to do what is good for Terry. He is charming and has raised enormous sums of money, but I don’t trust him at all. Which is worse, trusting someone to do the wrong thing every time (McDonnell) or total unpredictability (McAuliffe)? Anyway, neither gets any support from me though I suppose Terry can get my vote (reluctantly) if he wins the Primary on June 9th.

I decided weeks ago to support Creigh Deeds over Brian Moran because Criegh has a better shot of winning against McDonnell in the November election, and because Criegh is more pragmatic and in tune with Virginia right now. I very much like BOTH Deeds and Moran, they would both make excellent governors, and I will happily vote and support either if they win the Primary on June 9th; but I think Deeds is a better choice at this time.

This was not an easy choice, they are both very good. I prefer Moran’s positions on equality. I prefer Deeds’ positions on the right to bear arms. I think Moran would upset too many people and cause what little cooperation we have in Richmond to get sidelined with sensationalist causes that cannot be won in our conservative state right now anyway. I am also a little mad at him for giving up a delegate’s seat to run for Governor (we need the house to have sanity more than we need the state senate to, the state senate is already barely rational – the house is a disaster).

I am a slacker for not posting about this sooner; been a little distracted with personal job/life issues.

Please support Creigh Deeds in the June primary and again in the November General Election, he is the best choice for the job, and is the only one acceptable for all of Virginia.

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