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Virginia State General Election

On November 3rd, Virginia holds it’s most important state-wide general election in about a decade. Registered voters will be able to pick Virginia’s next Governor, Lt Governor, and Attorney General. Voters in each of Virginia’s 100 house of delegates districts will be able to pick their next delegate to the state legislature.

In order to vote in the general election, voters must be registered by October 5th! You can check your voter registration status online and learn how to register here:

This election is critical because the 2010 census triggered redistricting will happen while the people elected this election are in office. All state elections are important if you are concerned with what Virginia does with your money and what laws get made, and you should be if you live here or pay taxes here.

The State Board of Elections Website has candidate lists for all the Delegate’s races in PDF format here:[HOD].pdf

You can also find out what is on your ballot here:

You can find out which district you are in by looking at your own voter registration card, or by entering your full zip code at Project Vote Smart:

The calendar of events pertaining to this election (registration deadline, absentee voting dates, etc) is here:

  • Must be registered to vote by October 5th
  • Absentee voters must apply by mail by October 27th
  • or in person by October 31st

Election Officers are frequently needed in just about every precinct, so contact your County Election officer if you want to work as an election officer. I recommend that every voter do this at least once in their life, it is a long day for relatively little financial reward, but you will understand the system a lot better and have participated in our great democracy.

Virginia: please vote in this very important election.

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