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Virginia Primary June 9th

The state of Virginia has it’s statewide general election on November 3rd, 2009; it’s an opportunity to select our next Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, Delegates to every house seat in the state, and roughly 1/3rd the state senators. Most localities also hold their county and city elections at the same time. Aside from the US National elections, this is the most important election in Virginia’s four year election cycle.

The primary elections for the Democratic and Republican parties will be on June 9th, 2009; and this could well be the most important primary in state elections in many years. We have a three way race to chose a Democratic candidate for Governor, and a four way race to chose a Democratic candidate for Lt Governor.


    Democratic Candidates:

Republican Candidate:

Lt Governor:

    Democratic Candidates:

Republican Candidates:

Attorney General:

    Democratic Candidate:

Republican Candidates:

State Senators and State Delegates, there are far too many for me to list here, but start figuring out who is running in your district please. Kenton Ngo has begun the job of ranking the House of Delegates races, you can check out his House Race Rankings post on the NewDominionProject.

The filing deadline for primary election candidates is April 10th, so this list will probably change a little!

You must be registered to vote by May 11th to vote in this June 9th Primary.

In 2011 the General Assembly will redraw district boundaries based on the results of the 2010 U.S. Census; the balance in the assembly at that time will be critical for determining how gerrymandered our districts will be for the next decade. Start figuring out who you want in office now, for Reapportionment is a big deal impacting U.S. National elections as well as our state-wide local races.

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