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The real Bob McDonnell

I keep seeing commercial advertising promoting Bob McDonnell’s candidacy as Virginia’s “Jobs Governor” – which is ludicrous in the extreme. Bob McDonnell, who has been running for governor for about two years has done a lot of work to make himself look more moderate, but do NOT be fooled. McDonnell is no moderate. He is a Pat Robertson’s Christian Broadcast Network University (now Regent University) alumni with ties to Pat Robertson who has given over $80,000 to McDonnell over his political career. His moniker only two years ago was “Taliban Bob” and though that same moniker was also given to his buddy in the legislature, Bob Marshall, it was well earned as both Bobs (Marshall and McDonnell) get their political positions directly from their God (not from yours or mine). Their God is a vengeful one, who hates gays, unmarried pregnancy, and equality for women.

Bob McDonnell used to be the lawyer for the so called “Faith and Family Alliance” and his current campaign manager also heads that organization, an organization dedicated to stripping the rights of women away and keeping them in the home, subservient to their husbands.

Sadly, Rick Howell’s blog is gone, but the google cache still has some of the pertinent old posts about theocratic Bob McDonnell: google cache of rickhowellspeaks post (from 2007).

A more current site, that I have not been able to evaluate is The Real Bob McDonnell.

It is clear that in this odd year, where there are relatively few political elections in the nation, the money machines for both parties want to make examples of New Jersey and Virginia. It will be interesting to see how many fiscal conservatives support “Taliban Bob” despite his extreme views and record. So far his money has been from the extreme right, religious conservatives, and corporate lobbies.

I am disgusted by the attempt to repaint McDonnell as a moderate, and wish he’d run on his own record and agenda. I am also disgusted by Democrats who misrepresent as well, and in this race for the Governorship I think we have one candidate attempting to secure the Democratic nomination who is almost as misleading in his ads, but even that nominee is not has bad a choice for democracy as Bob McDonnell.

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