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Special Elections in Fairfax County and Alexandria

Sorry this is such short notice, but for those of you who live in the 46th House of Delegates District (Skyline area of Fairfax County, and Western City of Alexandria), you have a special election tomorrow, January 13th, to replace Delegate Brian Moran who is running for Governor. Your ballot will be: Charniele Herring (D) […]

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Every Vote Counts

One of the more frequent excuses I hear from citizens who choose not to vote is that their vote will not matter. Well, if yesterday’s election proved something, it is that that excuse is completely invalid. As it approaches a full day after polls closed we still have: no clear winner of the races for […]

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Pro-Life folks, listen up

I keep getting libelous emails from anonymous (cowardly) lie-spreaders trying to stir up fear and uncertainty about Senator Obama. They seem to have a few common themes, but here is one that really annoys me because they are destroying an ally… I am talking about the “Obama is a baby-killer” myth. Barack Obama has made […]

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Feder vs Wolf Debate

This is why I am voting for Judy Feder to be the next congressional representative from Virginia’s 10th district. Congressman Frank Wolf demonstrates how out of touch with reality he is. It is also particularly annoying to me, as a veteran, that Wolf does not support our veterans nor our troops like he should. His […]

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Early Absentee Voting in Loudoun County

Trying to make this as easy as I can, friends in Loudoun sent me this (thanks Rob and Dave): It has the information you want to know if you are intending to vote early in Loudoun County, Virginia.

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Early Absentee Voting in Virginia

This year’s November 4th General Election is going to be huge. Expected turn-out numbers are all record setters even by the most conservative estimates. We should expect really long lines and possibly some problems with the process even with the best of intentions. One way we can alleviate some of the stress is to vote […]

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Tom Perriello Contribution Website is Secure Now

Subject says it, go contribute to the Tom Perriello campaign please. There are hundreds and hundreds of reasons why Tom is a better choice than Goode.

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Congressional Elections: Virginia

It is very important that we replace the current congress with some fresh ideas, new attitudes, and a willingness to work with President Obama in the new government in order to get the change we need for our country and our world. That means targeting elected congress-critters who have been voting with the Bush administration, […]

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Prince William County Insanity Continues

Sick of presidential election news and national politics? Guess what I get to come home to in my own local county… bigotry, racism, and fear…. no just by some of the residents; but by people officially selected for public service positions by our “enlightened” county Board of Supervisors. Huge thank you to Eric Byler for […]

To my few remaining Republican friends…

Juan Cole asks this very interesting question about why you still think of yourself as a Republican: Are you a masochist? I love Mr. Cole’s writing.