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Prince William County Insanity Continues

Sick of presidential election news and national politics? Guess what I get to come home to in my own local county… bigotry, racism, and fear…. no just by some of the residents; but by people officially selected for public service positions by our “enlightened” county Board of Supervisors.

Huge thank you to Eric Byler for pointing this out:

    Supervisor John Stirrup (R) of Gainesville appointed Robert Duecaster of “Help Save Manassas” to our Human Services Committee, calling into question the role uncontrolled rage and racism in county government.

Now, check out the video of Robert Duecaster addressing the county board of supervisors in public meetings; uh, perhaps I should advise you NOT to view immediately after eating, he’ll make you sick:

If you live in Prince William County, please, please, please sign the petition; and register, and vote, and remember which supervisors voted for the appointment of Duecaster and vote against them in the next election.

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