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Should corporations be considered individuals by the law?

There are many reasons I do not think that corporations should have the same rights as individual persons. Corporations are effectively not subject to the effects of aging, they can have virtually unlimited resources, they dodge personal responsibility by selectively using scape-goats/layoffs/contractors, and they can effectively dodge taxation by getting subsidies or tax-breaks that ordinary […]

Lies and Misleading the Voters

How Obama Enables Rush: President Obama lowered taxes. Why doesn’t the country know that? Rick Perlstein on how Rush Limbaugh helped mislead a nation—and why the Democrats let him get away with it. I think this is an interesting read about how the public can so easily be misled by lies, stated confidently… and left […]

We must find a way to better scrutinize US Congress candidates

Last night’s election returns showed us a few things, and one of the most concerning to me is that crazy fringe candidates with no business in public office with grave responsibilities were able to slip through the public screening of a U.S. Congress district election in several districts last night; but largely they were unable […]

Remember, and vote…

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Election 2010 Endorsements

Barnett over Wolf… Wolf is a very long term incumbent with a very long public record of pandering to big corporations and Republican leadership; he is a sycophant to all the wrong people. He has huge support from his mostly clueless constituents (my fellow 10th district voters) which is horribly sad as they do not […]

VOTE tomorrow

just a reminder to get your say in the governance of the country, to be a participant rather than a bystander…

Our Rally Experience

My wife and I heard via facebook that Metro Vienna was mobbed and hard to get into as early as 9:30am, so we continued driving into Crystal City where we knew we could park where she works even if public parking was full. Public parking was not full; but the Crystal City Metro station was […]

Virginia Voters; Election Information

I am surprised to learn that there are three state constitution ballot questions on absentee voter ballots this year… Why is there nothing about this in the news? The state board of elections website has details: Proposed Constitutional Amendments To Be Voted on at the November 2, 2010, General Election Arlington Democrats support all three […]

Virginia Voter Registration Deadlines 2010

According to Virginia Board of Elections: 2010 Deadline Calendar October 12th is the new voter registration deadline. You can apply for an absentee ballot by mail until October 26th or in person until October 30th. Your local Voter Registration offices are listed here: Voter Registration Offices If you are already registered, great; start researching what […]


Time for some Political Activism

Walking into my Dentist’s office this morning I discovered the Herndon offices of the Jeff Barnett for Congress campaign. Aweseome. We have a veteran running to replace Frank Wolf. I must get involved, more later, but here is a link if you want to help me replace Wolf: