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Website launch for Neustar

For those who have been wondering what I have been up to since I got laid off at Project Playlist, some of the results are public now. This morning we launched a new, interim, corporate website for Neustar. I am not responsible for the content, just part of a team that deployed it to production […]

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Western Union == Epic Fail

So I wanted to send some money to a cousin who is having some financial challenges. When I was younger, the logical thing would be to use Western Union to wire money; but that is no longer the best solution. It could be, but Western Union has the worst web design on the planet, so […] unethical

I just cut my tab feed for because their site has resorted to pop-under advertising. Pop-up advertising is annoying as hell, but at least it is honest and ethical. Pup-under ads hide in the background, behind your main browser window and try to trick you into clicks and options that are less than honest. […]

Mac OSX Virus Rumors

John Gruber has an excellent and very sarcastic article poking a little fun at the recent hype about the possibility that someday there may in fact be a virus for Mac OSX. The fact is well known and common sense, but why is there repeated story after repeated story about new Mac viruses (there are […]

Web Site Design

Saady Khan has an informative post over at Spicing it up!!! 😀 – The Rain Machine that lists many ways you can update your own blog’s template and design. Thanks Saady! I added an Atom stream/feed to my blog, and submitted it to the LeftyBlogs web log index hoping to see a little more traffic. […]

Site Design and Veteran’s Day

I continue to wrack up a debt to my good friend Anthony who added more graphical elements and design suggestions for me. My niece, Christina, is now publishing poetry and blogging via blogger – she’s doing it anonymously for the moment. It has been a really nice visit with my Mom, her beau Ralph, and […]

Web Site Design

Decided to revise the blogger template for a prettier design taken from Point of Focus. I am curious what various readers think of it. I know – the comments stopped working (update: they work on new posts, but not old ones), I have to figure out why. My good friend Anthony helped me out by […]