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Google Calendars sync with iCal

For those of you using Google Calendars and Mac OS X Desktops with iCal, you can finally keep them in sync without any 3rd party software. Google supports CalDav format now. Instructions are on the Google Calendar CalDAV support page. I have mostly been relying on my Palm Tungsten C and Palm Desktop (v4.2.1) for […]

MarsEdit or MacJournal or simple browser?

This is an experimental post with MarsEdit 1.1.2. Not sure I like it just yet. I have used MacJournal quite a bit and I like the way I can use it to post to both LiveJournal and WordPress (or Blogger), but it lacks a few features that are available at the admin interfaces on LiveJournal’s […]

WordPress vs Blogger

Amazing! WordPress imported my entire Blogger web log in around 25 seconds. I have not been able to get the same themes working in my WordPress blog yet, and I am concerned about backing up the MySQL database behind my new blog (one of the side benefits of publishing in a free service, but pushing […]

Web Site Design

Saady Khan has an informative post over at Spicing it up!!! 😀 – The Rain Machine that lists many ways you can update your own blog’s template and design. Thanks Saady! I added an Atom stream/feed to my blog, and submitted it to the LeftyBlogs web log index hoping to see a little more traffic. […]

First Posting

This is a first post to my new blog space, powered by the web application Blogger ( I hope to share a few thoughts here, and perhaps someone will find it useful or entertaining, perhaps not. I decided to set up a blog a while ago, and Erci embarrased me into setting one up by […]