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Web Site Design

Decided to revise the blogger template for a prettier design taken from Point of Focus. I am curious what various readers think of it. I know – the comments stopped working (update: they work on new posts, but not old ones), I have to figure out why. My good friend Anthony helped me out by drawing up some dragonflies to replace the default butterflies – because dragonflies are cool, and there are lots of them by our pool every summer.

My Mom, her boyfriend, and two of my nieces are visiting from New York State this weekend and for Veteran’s Day. It is going to be a hectic and fun-filled weekend. My the nieces have grown… they are lovely young ladies now, and it is harder and harder to call them by the pet nicknames I dubbed them when they were babies: Squishy-fish and Snuggle-bunch (Silly-stinkpot and Cutie-pie are not visiting me at this time). I gather Ikea and the Container Store are on the list of pilgrimages this trip, as are some of the monuments in Washington because of Veteran’s Day.

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