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Hot Day

Thermostats say 93F in the shade here, and humid… Summer is definitely here at last. We got nearly a bushel of cucumbers and summer squash from the garden today; and I lost about a gallon of sweat whilst bringing in the harvest, some tomatoes, and staking up the tomato vines that had sagged to the […]

Mad World just never gets old…

I love this song, it is hauntingly beautiful, and the video that goes with this version is poignant too… For those who can’t see embedded videos: I have many close personal friends who happen to be gay and happen to be in life-long relationships. They deserve the exact same treatment that I enjoy with […]

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Marketing Fail!

Doh! Apparently, every Intel based Mac since early 2006 has had a new feature that Apple has completely failed to market. I have owned a few of these Macs and never knew about this feature, and others have probably skipped Apple products not knowing it was available. The feature I am referring to is the […]

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Interesting read in NY Times about Apple’s ITMS and Music Labels

Sorry it’s in the cookies heavy NT Times website, but it is interesting reading: My favorite bit is the very last line: ‘Mr. Card of Forrester, however, has a different take. “If it weren’t for Apple, God knows how bad the music industry would be,” he said.’ I’d no idea what ratios the money […]

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HDTV and Surround Sound

So I had a lot of fun over the past several days researching possible upgrades to our old surround sound receiver. It has been an educational week or so, and in the process I completely gutted our two entertainment center stacks of gear; vacuumed out the cubby holes where everything was, wiping it all down, […]

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Home Theatre Audio Question

This is for all those audio/video geeks out there; I am perplexed by connectivity options for our audio and video gear, and have been overwhelmed by options. I think we may need a new receiver…. We mostly watch a DISH Network Dish DVR 508 that has S-Video, Composite video, RCA Stereo, and TOSLINK (optical for […]

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A guitar playlist from TunePost

TunePost keeps improving their beta, now it correctly identifies your older version of flash and prompts a FlashPlayer 10 install to get it to work. So if you had trouble with the stuff I posted a couple days ago, download FlashPlayer 10 and try again. The following playlist is guitar music: flamenco, classical, spanish, and […]


Testing TunePost’s embedded Music feature

Just messing around with the early public beta from TunePost. This might not work for everyone, but you should get music when you hit the play button in the embedded code window below… For those who prefer Rock, and a whole playlist rather than just one targeted song:

Dressed up all in black

My half-hearted attempt to be a beatnik for tonight’s sock-hop and 1950s party at the Tyson’s Corners’ Dance Studio. Black pants (could not find black jeans), black turtle neck, black button down over it, gelled hair. I don’t own any birth control glasses (military issue like Elvis Costello wears) anymore, or I’d switch to those […]

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Mad World

Near the end of 1982 I first heard the song “Mad World” by Roland Orzabal of Tears for Fears and immediately liked it (and many other Tears for Fears songs), but I was a firm art/progressive rocker at the time and put it well below my favorites of that time (Yes, The Who, Jethro Tull, […]

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