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Toyota Prius

Well, Erci went and beat me to it. We picked up her Barcelona Red 2006 Toyota Prius this evening. It is very, very nice. I want one too. I balked at the non-negotiable prices earlier this fall, and I am glad I waited because the 2006 models will play MP3 encoded CDs and alarm when […]


On a lark I dropped by the local Toyota dealer last week to see if the AT-PZEV rated Prius was easy to get in Virginia. It turns out that all the Prius cars being sold at the local dealers have the AT-PZEV rating in case you have to move to California after you buy your […]

Modified Prius?

100mpg+!!! So I’ve already decided that my next car will be an PZEV rated CVT driving gas-electric hybrid, but now I hear people are modifying their hybrids so that they can plug them in to make the first few miles of any trip on battaries alone! An article on Yahoo descibes a few people doing […]