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Clustered SSH can be very useful to sysadmins

This is not new, but it is surprising how stuck we all can get in old habits, and we can miss out on some real time-savers.

One such time-saver for systems administrators or anyone who must frequently run the same commands on several hosts is clustered ssh, some scripts for your desktop/laptop that allow you to open several command line windows into different servers and run the same commands against them all at once.

On my Mac laptop I run bin/csshX host1 host1 host3 user@fqdn4 and Terminal opens up with five windows, one for each server and an additional, colored red, for driving the others. Anything I type into the red window gets run on all the others simultaneously. On a multi-display system, I use bin/csshX -screen 2 host1 host1 where 2 is the number of the screen so the windows don’t show up “hidden.”

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