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Resetting iPod Classic

I keep forgetting how to recover my preferences on my iPod classic after I rarely have to reset it, so I decided to capture them here in hopes it helps me (and others) recover after a reset.

By the way, a reset is to toggle the hold slider on and then off, then press and hold both the Pause/Play button and the Menu button for 6-8 seconds. This reboots/resets your iPod classic.

First things I will try to do after a reset from now on is:
* Settings/Shuffle Off (I like to play several episodes of a podcast in a row)
* Settings/Repeat Off
* Settings/Clicker Off
* Music/Playlists/Select a Playlist/Play
** Press the Center Button Three Times to select Shuffle Mode, I like Songs

That last sets each Playlist you select to Shuffle by Song mode, be careful not to do that with Playlists that are audiobook chapters.

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