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Max OS X Keyboard Tips

Mac OS X Keyboard Tricks:

Use the Command (⌘) key (aka: splat or apple key) like you would a Control key in Windows (⌘c copies, ⌘v pastes, ⌘ Tab to switch between running apps, ⌘~ to switch between App WIndows inside one App)
⌘ Space brings up Spotlight Search with actually works wonderfully, Command-Space-Mai-Return starts the first program that begins with Mai (Mail) – fast task start without leaving keyboard
Control-Shift-Power or Control-Shift-Eject will lock the screen the way Windows-L does on a PC
Four fingers slid from left to right or the other way will swipe between virtual desktops, four finger swipe up will allow you to add more desktops (drag any app window to the top right to create new).
Two finger tap is like a right mouse click (though you can change this if you like)

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