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Beautiful Day for Bicycle Canvassing

The weather was so nice that I had to get out on my recumbent to canvass the neighborhood for the Commonwealth Coalition some more. It was a bittersweet day of canvassing. Friday, before heading to York, PA for a wedding I placed “popsicle” yard signs on my own property: one for Judy Feder, and one for Jim Webb. They were gone this morning when I got back from York. Someone stole the signs from my property, and it happened on my tiny little street that is a cul-de-sac with no exit. Sad.

My neighbor says he saw them around 9 pm Friday, but they were gone around 9 am on Saturday – so someone came and took them during the night. Sigh.

I covered about five more streets with canvassing, and most people I talked to said they were against the amendment that writes discrimination into the state constitution; but there were several very closed minded people who are so upset by the concept of gay marriage that they refuse to thing this legislation through. One woman told me to get lost because she was voting Republican party line no matter what happened. Disturbing. I understand leaning to one party or another, but not even bothering to look at the candidates and issues really shocks me. I did get positive comments on my Pandak shirt, and that is encouraging. Thanks to Mayor Ernie for the shirt! I also continue to get more interest in what I am saying because people are curious about the recumbent bicycle.

My resolve to do everything in my power to open people’s minds and hearts to have compassion for those around them is firmer than ever, but I feel drained now.

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