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Twitter replacements

My news feed is full of Twitter replacements, like Bluesky, Threads, and Mastodon…

Comment 1: Musk really ruined a popular thing…

Comment 2: Threads is brought to you from Facebook (aka: “Meta”) via Instagram… but does no one recall that Meta used to be called Facebook and Facebook itself is already, in part, the same as Twitter? Similar, but even more screwed up than Twitter post-Musk ownership? I have not tried Threads… but I am not excited as I suspect the who-can-be-more-evil competition between Musk and Zuck is an ugly and very competitive thing…. I want no part of either. No thanks.

So… I am off to research Bluesky (invitation only) and Mastodon (federated and decentralized).

I quit Facebook in 2018 and do not regret it. I quit Twitter late last year (2022) and do not regret it, though I miss a few good reporters updates.

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