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Detailed News on the Defense of Ukraine

I find the mainstream news sources a little vague and a little slow on updates from Ukraine and the defense against blatant Russian aggression… So I have been following and watching updates from three excellent YouTube news providers and a mapper for very detailed updates that are pretty reliable.

I’ll share them here in case others want to view the same sources:

Author and philosopher Jonathan MS Pearce has the best updates so far at ATP Geopolitics
I confess I speed up the playback speed to about 1.5 to quickly digest his excellent updates

Andrew Perpetua has fantastic front line map updates he talks about at andrewperpetua and makes available at (be sure to zoom into the region you are interested in)

Juzzie at Ukraine News TV has shorter updates with some humor embedded in them, usually at Russia or Putin’s expense, which is richly deserved.

Of course I still scan The Guardian, Washington Post, and New York Times; as well as sporadic France24 and Deutsche Welle scanning to complete the roundup.

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