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Cirque du Soleil in September

My brilliant and sexy bride has scored a batch of tickets to Cirque du Soleil: OVO for the September 11th show. She rocks. OVO is all about bugs… could be interesting.

I have loved every Cirque show we’ve gone to, and never regretted the ticket price, even proportionally… and I am a stingy man. I am so stingy that I remember being glad someone else paid for our $80 tickets to see Blue Man Group; which I also loved, but I did not love them $80 worth… perhaps $60 worth and I’d have been happy). Cirque tickets are more than Blue Man Group, but always worth every penny and Cirque always manages to expand my definition of humanity and what it is possible for humans to do.

Having said that, there are stand out Cirque shows amongst the greatness of them all, my favorites are: Ka (visually stunning theatrics and a dual themed story arc of twins and war), Mystere (big drums, childhood, growing up), Quidam (lonelyness in a crowd, broken families, dreams), and Saltimbanco (amazing acrobatics and music; so amazing this show has been traveling for more than a decade and then some).

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