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Be very careful out there

I went out to sweep aside the two inches of fluffy powder we had last night before Erci packed any of it down with her car and was a bit disturbed to find that the 2 inches of fluffy powder sits on top of 3/16 of an inch of sheet ice.

Uh, folks; that will together make for the worst possible driving/walking conditions. Be extremely careful if you have to go anywhere this morning. Fluffy snow, packed under your shoes or tires, will offer no friction on the sheet ice; and it will be unpredictable – because you cannot see where the sheet ice begins and ends through the fluffy coating of pretty snow.

Beautiful, but deadly. Stay home if you can. The good news is that hills or other surfaces that are well drained do not appear to have gotten the sheet ice base, so they may be pavement under the fluffy powder on top.

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